May 03, 2021


For most of my adult life, I was unable to distinguish between the benevolent warrior in me from the heart-less soldier I had embodied.

Often unable to distinguish the difference between a healthy relationship from the battles that occurred inside of me.

Most often I was afraid to open my heart and let go of the need to protect it from being abandoned, ignored, and heartbroken.

Feeding the hungry, wounded warrior inside me that so desperately sought to feed and protect its internal fragmentation with ungrounded materialism, obsession with accumulation, infidelity, and empty external distractions.

Bouncing from one toxic relationship to the next further intensifying the unstable bridge between my heart and my unresolved emotions. Ignoring and not tending to my wounds, disregarding the reflection of my chaos in the world around me.

...but I went too far for too long.

Grasping. Clawing. Desperately seeking and overlooking the love that exists inside and around me.

In my last breakup, when I felt betrayed, heartbroken, lost, and lonely, my weak heart cracked open, exposing the heartfelt warrior inside me that hid in the depths of my unresolved wounded ego.

When I committed to make my own healing journey my highest priority, the manifestation of a new soul contract was initiated.

I chose to release self-judgment and connect to my internally sourced love and I gradually began to re-feel complete and began to experience the true embodiment of self-love and self-acceptance.

In turn, I became a newly revealed, open-hearted hopeful romantic, and the universe gifted me a divine soul connection.

It gifted me a soulmate.

It gifted me with a harmonious complement that supports and matches my vibrational frequency.

A reflection of whom I am in my journey and the achievement of breaking free from the prison of my spiritual codependency.

A soulmate that reflects back to me, the openness and trust of my healed, loving heart.

A soulmate that represents who I became and whom I am becoming along my evolutionary ballet.

A reflection of our united grounded feminine and masculine flowing and dancing in all timelines and spaces.

Easy. Freeing. Expansive. Trusting.

I am here to tell you that your soulmate manifestation powers are powerful!

and that your relationship desires are not being manifested because you've not become who you need to be in order to meet your soulmate with ease, grace, maturity, and patience.

Your manifestation powers are limitless; it's who you manifest that is “limiting” because you've not healed and become who you need to be.

My journey has shown me that you start attracting soulmate energy when you access a certain level of your own completeness and wholeness.

Let me support you on that journey to releasing your inner creator.

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