Break-ups are an initiation, and the healing is an invitation and a rite of passage to our soul's divinity.

Sep 14, 2021

When relationships end, we find ourselves at a fork in the road with two paths.

We can do what most people refer to and "move on" and then go from one person to the next, looking for the one soul that is a good match and "completes us."

OR we can embark on a transformational healing journey.

The first path guides us to see our relational breakdowns and patterns as only something that is outside of us - only see what is wrong with the person we were with and say things like "they were so _______," or make it about us and say things like "I am so ______. I should have ________."

OR the second path, where we can choose to observe the pattern as something more profound - as our lifework to do in a relationship.

If we choose the first path, we will continue to create the same type of relationship.

A relationship filled with different but similar challenges. We will experience the same predictable ups and devastating downs and the inevitable letdown as things fall apart.

If we choose the second path, we can embrace the falling apart as an invitation to rebuild in a new way—a path forward that supports our wholeness and feels empowering, open-hearted, trusting, and confident.

Break-ups are an initiation, and the healing is an invitation and a rite of passage to our soul's divinity.

Break-ups can be what drives us to bitterness and withdrawal, or they can be a pivotal point in our lives where we dive deeper into our most intimate parts.

I went two decades running from one "bad relationship" to the next, looking for "the one."

I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and there is another path you can take because joy and fulfillment in your relationships are your birthrights.

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