Come In from The Winter.

Mar 08, 2021

How much of our time do we waste trying to cover who we are when all we really want is to be loved? How much energy do we spend being angry, when underneath it all is the pain that our soul needs revealing? How much of our presence is consumed when we hide in fear of not having the faith to heal?

So often we hesitate to speak our mind, being direct, and allow our truth to flow. We’ve been so used to adding layers of comfort and protection that we often forget how to feel the world around us. So we contract. A thin layer becomes a full armor and we begin to feel lonely, overcompensate, disconnect, disassociate, and the best parts of us, dissolve, and over time diminishes our sense of joy and peace.

It can often feel like when we put a pair of gloves on a cold winter day. We touch things within our grasp, but we forget how they really feel. Almost holding too tightly as our “sense of feeling” has faded, like the warmth of our soul. Like a cold winter night, the longer we expose our soul to the winter chill, the more we numb and lose our sense of self.

Come in from the winter and embrace the warmth of your heart and reconnect to your sense of presence.


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