"Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him." Aldous Huxley

Nov 19, 2021
All of life's obstacles, challenges, and heartbreaks shape us, whether they've been created or we are just victims of circumstance.
They mold us into whom we CHOOSE to be.
How we rise from those situations speaks to our integrity.
What we do with that experience is what sets us apart from the ordinary man.
An ascended man does not ignore the situation and wishes the experience away.
An ascended man does not blame another.
An ascended man does not avoid the lessons and the healing.
An ascended man does not spiritually bypass.
An ascended man faces the experience head-on.
An ascended man learns from his lessons and dives deeper into his healing.
An ascended man takes responsibility for his part without guilt and shame.
An ascended man connects into his heart.
An ascended man commits to become a better man.
An ascended man shares his love with fellow man.
To connect, love, and give birth to more ascended men.
Experiences are what allow us to grow.
Feeling it.
Allowing it.
Happy International Men's Day 2021

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