How "distance" yourself from 2021

Dec 28, 2021

I've always been fascinated with new years resolutions.

I remember posting something three years ago and expressing how they don't work!

Just look at gym membership attendance rates from January and how they drop off by over 50% by mid-February.

Now, this does not mean that they don't work for everyone or that change is not possible; it just means you need to get curious around the root cause of why you stopped going to the gym or not releasing that toxic relationship once and for all or why you didn't start that dream business.

There is no doubt that we all want to change our patterns and behaviors, but a part of us wants to stay in that zone of comfort because change can be scary.

But there is a better version of us on the other side of fear. Better health, wealth, and relationships are available to all of us because it's our birthright and we all have hidden potential.

Are you ready to greet 2022 with ease and grace? By embracing your inner divine soul? Make a lasting change?

All good change comes with GOOD HABITS and rituals. 3 is my favorite.

These are my top 3 favorite practices to foster lasting habits that will support a new chapter.

1. Practice Presence. This is by far the biggest game-changer. If you can successfully practice the art of being present, you will solve 80% of your perceived problems. The moment we move away from actively being present, we go back to suffering from thoughts of a past filled with guilt and shame and a future of uncertainty. We can experience situations more fully, consciously, and unconsciously with presence. When you find yourself going to the past or future, ask yourself these questions: "What is coming up for me in this moment?", "Why am I struggling to move on, make a different choice?", "What is the narrative that keeps coming up in my mind?", "How does this story keep me stuck?", "What choice would I make right now that feels good in my gut, if there past "mistakes" or the future are not relevant? Staying present by Meditation, Cold Plunges (believe me, you don't think about anything else for that 3 minutes or more...", Attend ceremonies, Journal, Go to nature. Try those today and you will see immediate results if you allow yourself to go there.

2. Move Your Body: Run, walk, hike, Yoga, Bike, do it all or some and more. Do what feels good, and allow the energy to flow gracefully and get the blood flowing. Move your body and send a message to yourself that you are worthy of it. The benefits of physical movement are good for the body and the soul.

3. Redefine "Failure": You can let people, places, and relationships go. Even blood-related. Yes! Even blood. Hanging on, working harder, abandoning yourself and your values and principles at the cost of gaining "their acceptance" is the true failure! The moment you think that you are letting someone down, ask yourself, "how am I letting myself down and making a connection to them more important to the connection to me?"

Change, healing, manifesting your dream relationship does not need to be complex. It requires understanding, patience, a supportive community, and self-love.

Much Love.


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