Jun 28, 2021

There is no question.

I used to feel ashamed to express this in the past.

In my defense, I really didn't know what a healthy relationship looked like.

I grew up in a household where open-hearted conversation and resolution were not a thing; in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Yelling, screaming, anger, and disconnection were not only normal but acceptable, and tolerated.

So, mirroring what I saw, I went from one relationship to the next, looking for happiness and joy, and I carried all that coded dysfunctionality with me.

Hoping that my own relationship experience would create some stability I never had.

Desperately looking for that safety that didn't exist outside of me.

So from one woman to the next, I created, and shortly after it all fell apart.

Over and over again.

It took many years to get me to realize that no matter whom I was with, I was the constant.

That nobody out there was going to save me or make me happy.

That it was my job and my responsibility.

A better version of me had to rise from the depths of my darkness.

I am writing this today because there came a time when I had given up on relationships and decided I was better off alone.

That the risk was too high to bear.

That I wasn't going to open my heart again.

The pain was too deep.

BUT the cost was too high!

I was missing out on one of the most beautiful gifts we can receive in life.

Intimacy and Love.

I now realize that it would have been a mistake because the journey has brought me to a place where I can thrive in relationships with another and keep myself protected with integrity and not self-abandoning.

When I started on my healing journey of getting over my past hurts from childhood, properly healing my old relationships, becoming more aware of my values, triggers, and learning about the relationship to self and another, everything shifted for me!


I felt love, for myself and embodied my freedom.

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Much Love,


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