If it often feels uncertain, tumultuous, and unpleasant - it's not love.

Oct 27, 2021
It can often be easy for us to remain in the push-pull pattern of the anxious and avoidant dynamic with someone.
This toxicity can often mask itself as authentic love when it's often a reflection of an attachment wound we've not healed.
Often, it can feel stimulating and very addicting, masking as this "special magnetic bond" story we keep telling ourselves so we can justify staying and enduring a chaotic reality.
These toxic relationship cycles are not only harmful, but they also prevent us from evolving and growing.
It is often difficult to recognize this because our cultural conditioning, media, and ridiculous daytime television reinforce this push and pull harmful "drama."
There is a much more peaceful and healthy way because extraordinary relationships don't have drama and turmoil as pre-requisites; they are rooted in safety, maturity, and growth.
This means to take responsibility and overcome these patterns and draw a healthy boundary in the sand.
I promise you, it is possible. The moment you finally had enough.
It's time to let go and release so you can open up the universe to healthy love.
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