This relationship can be the most difficult one to cultivate.

Dec 07, 2021

I've almost literally stopped showing up on my social media platforms with maybe just a few posts and not much more than that.

Why? Because my soul is calling for some time off and to be alone.

I needed time to recharge and I may even need MORE time.

I cannot possibly show up powerfully to you or in my relationship by feeling overwhelmed, tired, or worn out.

I needed time to be with me.

The most important relationship we have in our lives is with ourselves. -- this relationship can be the most difficult one to cultivate.

This may be because society places such emphasis on the importance of being in a romantic partnership, even teaching us to set aside our own needs for the needs of another and abandon ourselves in small ways at first and then, often, almost totally.

Until we know ourselves, however, we cannot possibly choose the right relationship to support our mutual growth toward our highest alignment and potential.

By allowing ourselves to be comfortable with being alone, we can become the people with whom we want to have a relationship.

As we move away from traditional old paradigms we may find that being alone nourishes us.

We may even need to learn to create spaces to be alone within relationships.

When we can shift the expectations of our relationships with ourselves and others to opportunities for curiosity, we open ourselves to create new paths and discover other territories.

Being willing to know and love ourselves, and to find what truly makes us feel deeply, gives us the advantage of being able to manifest and choose the right person with whom to share ourselves.

Choosing to enjoy being alone allows us to fully explore our most important relationship -- the one with our true selves.

Much Love


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