Our Soul's Desire

Nov 12, 2020

Our soul wants to awaken us. It invites us to embody the breadth of our consciousness. It wants to lead us into undiscovered areas.

The soul yearns for beauty, creativity, and imagination. It deeply connects us to belonging, intimacy, and authentic sovereignty. A big part of this journey is truly touching our soul's desire.

But there is a part of us that I call the inner saboteur. That obscure part of us that wants to pull us down into isolation and separate us from our truest calling. That part of us that questions our right to belong. Feeding off our self-rejection when we play safe by staying small.

Part of this journey is to break free of those patterns and step into our rightful freedom and defeat the inner saboteur within us. Release ourselves from the attachment we have with "Old Agreements." Those agreements that we created in this "wounded inner childlike" state; driven by doubt and disconnection from our authentic self. Agreements that we may have set early in our lives where we had to be a good boy or a good girl, such that they anchored us in this illusionary state of safety and security.

So we operated in life by feeling alone; we didn't show up. We didn't show people we were sad, hurt, confused, or dying inside.

It is our calling to step into something more truthful. We need to fight the fight, and it's not necessarily with self-improvement. Even though it's beautiful, it's not everything. It's more than that. We need to get into these areas and stop convincing others to like us and move away from a place of self-hatred, shame, and continuously needing to prove we are worthy.

Rumi said, "die before you die."

So the right fight is about getting into those tender areas, those edges of the darkest part of our soul that have to die. Those parts of us that told us not to show our emotions, not to stick our neck out, not ask for what we wanted, what we truly desired, and when we needed help.

Those parts of us that we treated with disregard.

Those parts of that us that were accepting low accountability behaviours in our relationships.

Those parts of us that accommodated almost everything and everyone.

We need to reject all of this with a healthy "internal fire." To look at where we leak our life force. Is it shame? If so, we need to substitute shame from thoughts of worthlessness to wounded-ness and compassionate acceptance.

Our soul's desire is to discover those parts of ourselves and learn from those wounded parts of ourselves—free of judgment and self-punishment.

This journey is about tapping into our soul's desire and pivot inward to those parts of us that need to die, giving birth to our divinity.

Much L💙VE



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