Oct 22, 2020

Do you make a little progress toward your goals and objectives, only to relapse again into old destructive habits? Are you confused by how frequently you get off track and wonder why?

As humans, we have this incredible ability not to let ourselves win; we'll quit before we even start.

Here is the reality, if you are not moving in the direction of what you say you want, there is a good chance you are sabotaging yourself somewhere. Most of what we fail at in life has little to do with resources, time, money, skill, or intelligence.

Whatever form it takes -- whether unhealthy habits or limiting thought patterns —self-sabotage always reduces the passion we need to make our dreams come true.

Self-sabotage is the outward manifestation (via action and inaction) of our inner feelings of guilt, resentment, and unworthiness. The bottom line is we only create as much love, fulfilment, prosperity, and joy as we feel we are worthy of having—all at a subconscious level.

You may be in a great relationship, start a fight, create drama, and make things worse. Or you're in a crappy relationship, and we sulk, give up and distract ourselves, binge eat, or substance abuse. Or you have a great business idea, or you want to begin living your purpose, and you convince yourself that you are not smart enough, good enough, or find any excuse that proves our thought and keeps us small.

To make progress toward what you want, it is essential to identify how your inner saboteur operates in your life.

Select an area where you can see that you may be sabotaging yourself. Maybe it's your health, finances, or your relationships.

Ask yourself, "What do I get out of not growing in this area?" (We are always getting something out of it). Driven by negative beliefs about yourself, you may find that you don't expect to succeed in this area. So sequentially, you get to be right and prove it to yourself that you are right—even if it means robbing ourselves of our happiness and fulfilment.

However, today can be a boundary to stop. How will you begin to stop self-sabotage in its tracks?

I will be leading a workshop on Saturday, October 24th.

In this Masterclass, we will…

  • Uncover the unconscious beliefs that have kept you small and playing "safe" and start the process of creating a new belief system that supports your unlimited potential.
  • Discover where you set limits on your growth and expansion and create a new upper limit that is in full alignment with the life you want.
  • Receive the necessary guidance that will help you improve your self-confidence and activate your inner creator to manifest the people and circumstances that align with your higher self.
  • Learn practical tools and actionable tips to transform self-sabotaging into self-care, self-acceptance, and lasting happiness.

By identifying how your inner saboteur is operating in your life, and ditching all the patterns associated with this part of your identity, you will move towards the life of limitless freedom and joy that you were born to experience.

Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/creating-a-limitless-life-by-overcoming-self-sabotage-tickets-123417349615?


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