Reasons That Prevent You From Getting Over Your Ex. PART 1

Jul 27, 2021
So often, we become so drawn and attached to a relationship, to the person that even though there was dysfunctionality, arguing, they were not meeting all your needs or you were betrayed. It becomes so easy for us to forget those times, and we cling to the "good," and we convince ourselves that "they are the one."
If they were "the one" (assuming this is even possible, not everyone can be the ONE for you.), you would still be together, and you would be in peace and harmony. But you are not.
By hanging on to what was, we block true love. We literally tell the universe that we are not available and that we are not open to receiving a "better" match for us.
It is your responsibility to yourself that you must move on. Moving on means you are trusting of yourself and the universe that when you are ready. The right person will appear when you are ready.

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