Reasons That Prevent You From Getting Over Your Ex. PART 4

Aug 23, 2021

Wherever we experience an ending, there is a part of us that feels lost. We often feel disconnected from who we are; in many ways, we lose a form of identity and leave us suddenly in a place of despair and reactivity.

especially at the beginning phases the little boy or girl in us feels afraid. We feel this sense of insecurity, of a perceived turbulent future.

We now need to get back on our feet, move on, find another place (if we're living together...) most often leaving us with this feeling of what the future brings forth.

Whenever there is a big change in our life, we are often left feeling uncertain of where life will bring us. It's perfectly understandable to feel like your world has collapsed. But ALL of your worlds has not. A big part, yes, but not all of it.

It is our responsibility to self-soothe, self-trust, and grow that security within and not put someone else or a relationship in charge of that.


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