Relationships are a soul contract.

Nov 09, 2021

We often have a hard time letting go of people that are not a good fit for us or not choosing us back as they should.

But one of the absolute requirements of a relationship is that both people choose each other.

It may sound weird, but this is the absolute truth.

It's a contract agreed upon by BOTH souls.

And if only one person agrees, it's not a relationship; it quickly becomes a "situationship."

It becomes someone hurting, wishing, grasping, and engaging in childlike behaviors.

So often, we don't realize that this hurt comes in at an early age when we had a parent or caregiver not there for us when we needed them the most, and so we are magnetically drawn to these people that don't entirely choose us and are not there for us as well.

It may sound too obvious, but part of the prerequisites of a relationship is someone that chooses you back. A all in, despite the challenges that a union brings.

Because it's in those challenging moments is when we turn towards each other and transcend and heal those parts of us.

Not individuated and disconnect.

So both parties need to be active participants in this soul contract.

The lesson is easy.

You only want someone that chooses you back.

If it's not a F*ck YES, it's a HELL NO.

That's the truth of it.

If you are having a hard time letting go of that toxic relationship that is not a HELL YES, Mending Your Broken Heart™ will not only help you "heal on" from it, but also give you renewed hope in love and future relationships. 

Much Love,





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