Self-abandonment in the relationship

Nov 10, 2020

Often when we are in a relationship, we put our needs second. We allow the value of "the relationship" to be higher than our own worth. We stay quiet, don't claim what we want and need, fearing that it will create a "crack" and harm the relationship—not realizing that our silence creates harm to ourselves.

We will often choose and make decisions based on the notion that our value is the "being chosen by someone else."

Until they don't!

Then we feel rejected, and it's painful.

And then we realize how we've self-abandoned while in the relationship.

But with every situation that appears negative, it's actually a gift and an invitation for us to grow. It's an opportunity to reconnect to ourselves, reconnect with our true essence, what we want, and how we want to live our lives—genuinely embracing our worth—realizing what we won't tolerate going forward.

How long do we remain in a relationship filled with dysfunctionality, in fear, and believing we are not enough?

It's an invitation for us to recognize we are precious no matter if someone chooses us or not. Whether we are in a relationship or not.

Being whole means being okay with being alone. It's an opportunity to embrace self-worth and parts of you that require healing and soothing that has never been touched before.

Empowering yourself to be a LEADER in your life, allowing you to manifest and create the loving relationship you truly desire.


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