Something truly beautiful should not require you to hold so tight that you forget why you are even hanging on.

Sep 20, 2021

I used to have this habit of staying in a situation well past their expiration date. I used to give everything the time to work itself out, often naively attaching to someone and something that was so damn toxic.

I won't feel guilty or apologize because I tried to see the good in people and circumstances, even though it cost me my own well-being.

Putting the relationship before my own needs was my standard operating system. Often, self abandoning, forgetting that I too can get broken. That I too can feel all the feelings or numb them when they hurt too much.

I most often tried to keep something together and forgetting the reasons why.
Maybe to avoid the pain.

Maybe to avoid the depths I needed to go to feel all my feelings.

Maybe to avoid walking away because the pain of the known often was better than an uncertain future.

This journey requires us to connect to the truth that something easy should not feel forced.

Something beautiful should flow, not remain stagnant.

Most of us have shaped our relationship experiences around old beliefs and paradigms. Most often oscillation from so desperately wanting connection to rebellious protest of our soul's deepest desire to break free of the walls we create.

If you are feeling the pain of separation from a toxic situation... I feel your sorrow.
I feel your pain for giving so much and getting so little back.

For staying in something for so long in fear of what walking away may do to you—often forgetting you are worthy of better.

I am here to remind you that hanging on to something real should not feel forced.
Something beautiful should not require you to hold so tight that you forget why you are even hanging on.

Your worth is in the brave steps you need to take.

Your worth is in the bravery needed to finally let go.

Celebrate your bravery.

If you've been hanging on to someone for too long, I invite you to download The LoveTruth™ Workbook and Discover this ONE TRUTH about your situation that will not only help you finally loosen the grip but also help you stop making this ONE MISTAKE so you can avoid further heartbreak.


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