Suffering and resistance to what is...

Dec 13, 2021

Throughout our life, we all experience some levels of emotional and physical suffering. It's part of the human experience. Whether it's the loss of a relationship, a health issue or the emotional pain and discomfort in everyday life situations.

The root of our suffering can oftentimes be rooted back to a circumstance or situation that is not in full alignment with our core beliefs, values, and expectations we carry. We believe that a particular situation should go a certain way, so in turn, we develop a level of resistance. We push back with all of our strength. The longer we stay and cultivate that resistance, the more we suffer. Often the suffering is displayed with anger, anxiety, reactions, frustration, and complaining.

In these cases, our ego is triggered as it refuses to accept. This lack of awareness and immediate dismissal of the present moment is where the suffering really begins by creating stories. The more elaborate the story we've created about the situation, the more we suffer. The heaviest burdens we carry are the stories in our heads. But that story is just that, a story. A story of how it "should be," how someone "should be," and how situations "should be," but in actuality, all we are doing is subconsciously attempting to control the person or situation, in so feeding our egoic identification of a sense of self.

Accepting what is and removing that attachment is the antidote to suffering. For most of us, this is hard to accept. However, this release of attachment and control activates a universal creation process allowing the universe to create what is needed in your life at that moment. To allow you to experience and grow on the horizontal matrix plain, which is comprised of what you see, touch and feel around you on the outside. We often don't consider or understand the existence of a vertical plain, which is our universal connectedness beyond our human physical body self. That vertical plain of creativity, joy of the universe of manifestation, love, non-attachment, equanimity, and greater objectivity of life and its circumstances.

So if you want to decrease suffering in your life, start by having that alert presence in the moment and realize that the root of suffering is coming from a lack of acceptance of a particular situation and your thoughts and emotions around it.

The same compulsive thoughts are rooted in fear, neediness, and self-centeredness. Even though it may appear that that thought is threatening or a huge problem in your life, go back to that present moment, feel your energetic presence via stillness of the mind.

Our mind has a powerful ability to look and to the think about the past and think of a perceived future that is outside of us when all the answers really come from the inside. The well-being, beauty, and love we seek outside of ourselves is truly within. We just need to learn to listen.

Accept certain situations and not dwell excessively to others. The more conscious we can make this process, the less internal conflict and suffering, and we can cultivate more joy and spread that to the collective consciousness.


Take a moment to sit and breathe, feel the breeze on your skin, notice the depth of your breath, the blood flowing through your veins, or the subtle sensation in your body. Remain in stillness.

Connect with the present moment and allow yourself to feel what is happening in this instant; when your mind starts to wander notice whether it's worrying about something in the future or thinking about pain in the past. Take notice, don't judge, just observe.

Breathe through that painful memory or that future thought, take notice, and every time you feel that or "hear" your mind go to that place, breathe and create stillness again and allow yourself to breathe past it and go back to stillness. Repeat this mantra, "...this moment is the only one that exists."

This will help in developing your "pure present awareness" muscle.

Resist the urge for the ego to create a mental position, step into that power of love within yourself in the moment and create the love for life.

Much Love



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