The oscillation between progress & resistance

Jan 21, 2021

The oscillation between progress & resistance is a natural part of our growth journey.

Moving towards the light of our awareness calls out those demons inside us that get in our way of progress.

Our wounded ego, our wounded inner child, our psyche does not want to give up the stories we've created in our minds.

This journey often triggers deep resistance within us.

This oscillation to resistance serves an important role, however. It reminds us of our human-ness; it tests our commitment; it highlights where we want to self-sabotage.

Our responsibility is to turn that awareness into insight and stand up to those forces inside us that want to give up and remain in our dysfunctional patterns because it's so much easier than doing the work of adulting.

This is what resistance looks like: FEAR, SHAME, GUILT, AGGRESSION, JUDGEMENT and many more that serve only one purpose: to protect that part of us, the ego that wants to resist transformation, growth, and eventually our divine soul's sovereignty.

Practice compassionate self-awareness when you resist. This is a sign you are growing and that darker part of you, the ego, wants to protect its identity and does not want to die.

If you would like to explore this topic deeper, I invite you to watch my recent live video on Youtube:

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