The Power of Surrendering.

Apr 12, 2021


Surrendering to something usually triggers signs of weakness or cowardly behavior, especially if we're not in touch with what is tangible and it's so hard to leave something that's very familiar, like a dysfunctional relationship, or if we lose our job, we find it very painful to deal with uncertainty. But this is where we get to practice peaceful surrendering of what is occurring in front of us.

It's accepting those likes and dislikes and doing away with what the mind wants and really reconnecting back to our hearts with that clarity.  To tune in to what is being asked of us during that situation.

So the question is, what would you be doing differently if you didn't resist the situation if you didn't like or dislike something. How different would you be influenced by how you are living in this moment?

Surrendering is such an interesting concept and it's often very difficult for us, especially if we want to be able to control a situation because we feel uncomfortable, let's say, with a breakup or the dissolution of a business or a relationship with a friend or family member.

Surrendering is a gift that can be embraced because we're able to remain more present, remain more in touch with ourselves, remain more in touch with our reconnected with our heart and where we want to be. And really being present to this moment and not trying to control every situation. 

Surrender means trusting.

Trusting yourself, trusting the decisions that you're making, trusting in the process that the universe has everything built, exactly how it should be. And so the invitation of this in this video is to trust the process and surrender. 

Surrendering to what is in front of you, where life is going to be taking you. It's so interesting because life can be such a beautiful gift if we try to stop controlling and trying to, again, being biased with a result, being biased with the results that we're looking for, the answers that we're looking for, projecting into this future, which is not written, and we lose so much touch with the present moment and enjoying the beautiful things in life. 

Surrendering is such a beautiful gift to be able to give ourselves.

It opens up so much room for life to just happen, so I'll leave you with that thought and how are you surrendering right now instead of controlling?


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