May 26, 2021

It wasn’t until that moment.

The moment I realized I was attracting women just out of a relationship.

I was attracting women that were physically and emotionally abused.

I was attracting women that were wounded and vulnerable.

That moment is when I realized I had become “the rescuer.”

The fixer.

The healer.

Sh*t, let's get real. I was manifesting "projects!"

Shocked, devastated, and even disappointed, I thought to myself “I should have known better.”

I was in disbelief! Up until that moment, I thought I was an intelligent man.

But here is the thing, none of this has to do with how “intelligent” we are.

So many of our choices in relationships come from a wounded place at a very subconscious level stemming from our source programming and our belief system.

It’s no wonder, at times, we put ourselves in painful situations.

No one taught us that in order to experience fulfilling relationships we need to invest the time, energy, and even money in our self-relationship growth, First!

Relationships are not something we can run on autopilot based on what we think we know or learned while growing up. Especially if we aim to experience lasting joy in them.

I know that for me, doing the work was what made me realize I had attracted the same type of person repeatedly, which hit me like a ton of bricks, but it’s when everything started shifting for me.

If you are reading this and the pain is familiar, I get it!

It can feel disheartening.

It can seem soul-crushing to think of how much time and energy was invested.

Just to repeat the same pattern.

Giving so much and getting so little in return.

But I am here to tell you that there is a shining light despite all the time, energy, and effort you invested.

You can begin to make more loving choices.

Choices that are in alignment with what you want.

More empowering choices to unlock your manifestation powers.

So you can rewrite your love and relationship blueprint.

If you know you didn’t come here to settle and you want to start making more loving, conscious choices.

I am excited to invite you to join the FREE

💙 The Un-Relationship Blueprint Course 💙

A Free 5 day online immersion that will help you uncover the unconscious patterns that have made you manifest the same type of relationship over and over.

So you unlock the manifestation process to attract the loving relationship you deserve.

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