"Upleveling" your next relationship experience requires you to level up!—no such thing as something for nothing.

Nov 18, 2021
Our past relationship experience taught us what lessons we needed to learn.
If you continue to ignore the lessons and neglect the healing that your past relationship is asking of you, you will continue to settle for the same sh**ty relationship and call it "awww I am just unlucky" or "it's not in the cards for me." or sarcastically say "I get all the crazies"
The consequence of not diving deeper into our soul's patterns and habits becomes a place of scarcity and perpetual tolerance.
Raising our standards or not even knowing what our standards are is an injustice, especially when we don't connect fully to what and who we are choosing.
Healing and expansion require us to create space for miracles to appear. We need to show up to receive what we truly desire and also release what no longer serves.
Not just relationships that don't fit in, but releasing our own behaviors that don't fit into what we truly want. It's about being that relationship, alone and fully showing up to our capacity.
Relationships are a mirror of what we need to heal. It's about asking ourselves truthful questions.
Am I being who I want to choose and what area/s in my life do I need to work on to truly impactfully change my relationship experience?
Well? Are you?
Discover this ONE TRUTH about your ex-relationship with LoveTruth™ that will help you stop making this ONE MISTAKE so you can avoid heartbreak.

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