What True self-love and empowerment REALLY is.

Mar 22, 2021
We often look for validation in others. Forgetting how amazing we are on our own. We seek and hope someone else sees us fully. That they recognize that we are worthy, that we are remarkable, and accept us despite our shortcomings. They may at first, maybe for a while, and then maybe it stops, slows down.... it irritates you, and maybe you fight and your start to disconnect.
Suddenly we don't receive that anymore and a part of us feels rejected. We feel less than and even wonder if we are worthy of love. If someone will really love us. Fully. This is painful. What a terrible feeling. To so desperately wanting someone just to choose us.
The heart hurts.
I remember being there. Desperately looking for attention and acceptance from my partners. When I look back, I think "wow, I must have been high maintenance" -- LOL -- I may have been. BUT this was not sustainable.
The result was desperation, wanting to control, frustration, anger, and eventually relationship breakdown. Over and over again.
True self-love and empowerment is giving yourself all of that because someone else can't be there for you all the time. To support you, to tell you that you are worthy and validate you.
Part of this journey, the work; is reconnecting back to yourself. Loving every part of you, despite the past, the questionable behaviour, the bad calls, the temper tantrums.. fill in the <blank>
See you there.
Much Love

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