Who do you want to be?

Apr 12, 2021
This is a journey to get to the truth of who and where you are on your journey with love and compassion. It’s essential to do this work, not just to meet someone, but to become a better version of yourself, a more “SELFISH” SELF-LOVING more authentic, transformed version.
When it comes to relationships, thriving and tolerating are two different things.
This work is the opportunity for us to wake up and get grounded in the facts of how we are operating.
It’s about us waking up to the facts on how we are showing up in the world and our level of joy. It’s about getting out there and taking your life to the next level.
It’s about creating your reality and not staying on cruise control, and allowing others to navigate your destinations.
Start connecting to the truth and your current reality. Taking a look at what is ACTUALLY happening in your life and if you are being your own best partner. Because we are in a co-creative arena between our deepest desires; the universe has a funny way of playing with us. It gifts us with people to transcend our deepest wounds.
You see, getting clear about what you want is an easy exercise because you can call out what you want but if you are not actually BEING the person you want, well, the universe will give us exactly what we need.
So if we want honesty, passion, vulnerability, excitement, and growth we actually need to live that way. It’s the principle of BE, DO, HAVE.
Be the person, Do the things, and then you will have everything you desire.
So I ask, Who do you want to be?

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