Yes, we broke up for while.

Apr 19, 2022
I had entered a toxic relationship and didn't even recognize it until it was too late.
Several years ago when I started this journey to serve people, my intent was to help. To take the wisdom I had gained from years of trial and error, fall, rise, fall down again and package it into a tiny bow and deliver it in the only way I knew how.
One connection at a time.
One story at a time.
One person at a time.
Powerfully showing up, guiding people, helping help themselves in matters of the heart. self-love, relationships, empowerment, and damn, just about anything to be the best human they possibly can!
Things were amazing for years. I met some of the most amazing people. Connected with soulmate clients at every level. But I craved for more. More impact, more connection.
I wanted to help more people.
My soul craved it.
My soul desired more and I was willing to do more!
I would DO ANYTHING to satisfy this craving.
The craving for more follows, more likes, more comments, more sales, more one-on-one clients... More of what ultimately didn't matter.
More of what felt sorta right, but ultimately led to where I was a few months ago.
My soul was completely defeated.
Yes, I burned out.
So I quit.
I stopped.
Dare I say, I gave up.
I felt disappointed. Devastated.
My soul was really tired.
Tired of posting 2 or 3 times a day, as the Instagram experts told me in order for me to "get more followers."
Exhausted from having to post something even though I didn't feel like it or because I didn't have anything insightful to say.
Endless mornings, afternoons, and weekends crafting landing pages and funnels? Copyrighting? What in the actual shit? How is this serving people?
Doing stuff that was low vibrational and really hated. All in the name of sales? All in the name of operating a "digital course business."
Because this is what we are "supposed" to do.
The cost?
Self-abandonment, misalignment, and most of all doing exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do....which was to help people.
In the relentless pursuit to "build something", I leaked my own energy, slowly but surely. Unknowingly.
I had entered a toxic relationship with my business and didn't even recognize it until it was too late.
Ha! How ridiculously ironic. Right?
Here I am communicating for the first time in 4 months. After gathering the courage to admit "defeat"..., Mike, the self-proclaimed "Human Connection Expert," failed to see the disconnect in between purpose and "the grind"
Ignoring my intuition.
Pushing instead of flowing.
Doing instead of allowing.
Full-on toxic masculine push push...go go...
Setting aside my personal peace and heart alignment for the sake of more online presence and dominance.
Often, we need to terminate a toxic relationship in order to give birth to something new.
So here I am.
And determined to be and do what feels good to me and show up powerfully for me first, so I can show up powerfully to you, my soul community!
Where do we go from here?
Well, how else do you serve best and get close to your community?
You start a podcast of course! A what?
A podcast named the LoveTruth™ Podcast. Where every week, I bring you on, my community to share your wisdom about life, love, and human relating.
How do we learn about life?
From each other.
When we connect and share our stories and wisdom, we all become better humans.
We created a more thriving existence by connecting and relating to one another more authentically and powerfully.
And we could all use some of that right now.
Damn. It feels good to be back.
A Special Announcement Coming Soon!
Much Love,

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