Your Circle of Love

Sep 30, 2020

The quickest way to become how you want to be is to surround yourself with people on the same vibrational frequency.

Something that unavoidably happens when you step into transformational work and create meaningful shifts in your relationship with yourself and other parts of your life is that some of the people who have been with you will no longer resonate with you.

Part of the reason for this is because you will start to notice that the relationships you thought were serving you were actually built on wounding and fear-based choices.

When you begin stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing yourself say and do things differently than what they have been used to seeing, the people around you will be deeply triggered with their own limiting beliefs.

You may hear phrases like, "you've changed,", even sarcastically. But with every sarcastic remark, there is an element of fear and truth.

If those people are in a good place in life, they will be happy for you. If they are not happy for you then"you changing" will mirror the disturbing reality and trigger fear-based responses that will force them to distance themselves or try to keep you down.
In your journey, this can be a challenging new layer to reveal so we are invited to let those connections go in order to stay connected to ourselves. We are called to release those connections to remain committed to our path of rediscovering our wholeness. Those who genuinely love and respect us will stick around, and those that don't will not.

Part of the path is to take responsibility for going and creating connections with people who can more actively support us.


Do we need to cut people off? Not necessarily. However, we cannot expect our friends and family to be there. It is our responsibility to surround ourselves with a community that will support us.

You're allowed to let people go.
You're allowed to have different groups of friends.
You are allowed not to try to fix everybody or have them adjust to your growth.

It’s also fair for us not to take up someone's space in their life if they no longer resonate with us.

You are responsible for communicating your needs, and if they are not met or don't meet theirs, then it is what it is.

Challenging relationships are an invitation for you to let go of the idea that all the relationships in your life "should be" supportive and secure. Some you may choose to keep and others you release.

Life is out there to challenge us, test our limits, and it is always inviting us to expand.

You get to choose how you show up and decide what to carry around and who and what you are ready to release.

Give yourself permission to live fully and support yourself with the best environment and relations you can have.

You are worthy of it.


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