Your life is unfolding if you will allow it.

Oct 18, 2021

Shortly after an ending, especially in relationships, it can be absolutely terrifying in that critical time. I remember getting laid off in 2008, and there were so many unknowns... who am I without my career? How will my life unfold now? Holy crap, who's going to pay the mortgage!

This is especially terrifying in love and relationships.

Everything is nothing of what it looked like. Everything is blurred, and anxiety sets in because we don't know where life is taking us... not realizing that we are in the driver's seat and can go anywhere we want. We just need to put the fuel in and go.

If you are currently in this critical time, remember that...

In those moments where it is so hard to know who you are, what you want or the direction you are heading... you are building a new path to greatness.

Don't just quit and roll over just because you don't know where you are going.

The Universe is presenting you with a clean slate; you just need to be open to growth and healing. The Universe is gifting you with an opportunity to feel and heal your way to forge a new pathway.

Trust your path.

Trust your soul.

Your life is unfolding if you will allow it.


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