May 03, 2021


For most of my adult life, I was unable to distinguish between the benevolent warrior in me from the heart-less soldier I had embodied.

Often unable to distinguish the difference between a healthy relationship from the battles that occurred inside of me.

Most often I was afraid to open my heart and let go of the need to protect it from being abandoned, ignored, and heartbroken.

Feeding the hungry, wounded warrior inside me that so desperately sought to feed and protect its internal fragmentation with ungrounded materialism, obsession with accumulation, infidelity, and empty external distractions.

Bouncing from one toxic relationship to the next further intensifying the unstable bridge between my heart and my unresolved emotions. Ignoring and not tending to my wounds, disregarding the reflection of my chaos in the world around me.

...but I went too far for too long.

Grasping. Clawing. Desperately seeking and overlooking the love that exists inside and around me.

In my last...

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May 01, 2021
As I walked through my front door on that cold winter evening, I felt agitated and exhausted from the ninety-minute drive from my 9-5 job. I was absorbed in my anger when I began to yell at her furiously.
For that brief instant, it felt like I had entered a wormhole and traveled back in time.
The flashback brought me to my childhood when I was a young boy walking down the hallway to the last apartment on the right.
I abruptly stopped, leaned against the door entrance, in fear, listening to the incoherent angry voice in the distance. I was shaking. I heard my father's furious screaming in another one of his rages.
I could feel my chest tighten. I was terrified.
Feeling like my home then was not a home. Feeling homeless, yet again.
I felt lost and frustrated.
After my violent verbal...
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The Effects of Denying Your Feelings.

Apr 23, 2021

Dealing with powerful emotions can be challenging, especially when we go through turbulent, sad, or destructive events in our lives.


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The Power of Surrendering.

Apr 12, 2021


Surrendering to something usually triggers signs of weakness or cowardly behavior, especially if we're not in touch with what is tangible and it's so hard to leave something that's very familiar, like a dysfunctional relationship, or if we lose our job, we find it very painful to deal with uncertainty. But this is where we get to practice peaceful surrendering of what is occurring in front of us.

It's accepting those likes and dislikes and doing away with what the mind wants and really reconnecting back to our hearts with that clarity.  To tune in to what is being asked of us during that situation.

So the question is, what would you be doing differently if you didn't resist the situation if you didn't like or dislike something. How different would you be influenced by how you are living in this moment?

Surrendering is such an interesting concept and it's often very difficult for us, especially if we want to be able to control a situation because...

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Who do you want to be?

Apr 12, 2021
This is a journey to get to the truth of who and where you are on your journey with love and compassion. It’s essential to do this work, not just to meet someone, but to become a better version of yourself, a more “SELFISH” SELF-LOVING more authentic, transformed version.
When it comes to relationships, thriving and tolerating are two different things.
This work is the opportunity for us to wake up and get grounded in the facts of how we are operating.
It’s about us waking up to the facts on how we are showing up in the world and our level of joy. It’s about getting out there and taking your life to the next level.
It’s about creating your reality and not staying on cruise control, and allowing others to navigate your destinations.
Start connecting to the truth and your current reality. Taking a look at what is ACTUALLY happening in your life and if you are being your own best partner. Because we are in a...
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LIVE: This will zap your energy every time.

Apr 09, 2021

Honest question for you.

Do you find yourself trying to control how people view you?

What they think about you?

What they say about you?

How they experience you?

And is this cycle of serving others over yourself exhausting the hell out of you and zapping your energy?

If you’re nodding your head "yes" at your screen right now, but aren’t sure how to stop this sneaky habit, I have something I know you’re gonna dig.

What is it?

I was LIVE on Instagram. You can also watch it here on @divinesoulconnection to talk about it. 

Enjoy and feel free

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Apr 07, 2021


Answer the following questions to help you understand why it feels like a discrepancy between your authentic self and the person you needed to be. 

  1. How did you learn to get the love you needed?
  2. What behaviors did you engage in to be accepted by your family, co-workers, friends, and partners?
  3. What character role did you have to play?


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What True self-love and empowerment REALLY is.

Mar 22, 2021
We often look for validation in others. Forgetting how amazing we are on our own. We seek and hope someone else sees us fully. That they recognize that we are worthy, that we are remarkable, and accept us despite our shortcomings. They may at first, maybe for a while, and then maybe it stops, slows down.... it irritates you, and maybe you fight and your start to disconnect.
Suddenly we don't receive that anymore and a part of us feels rejected. We feel less than and even wonder if we are worthy of love. If someone will really love us. Fully. This is painful. What a terrible feeling. To so desperately wanting someone just to choose us.
The heart hurts.
I remember being there. Desperately looking for attention and acceptance from my partners. When I look back, I think "wow, I must have been high maintenance" -- LOL -- I may have been. BUT this was not sustainable.
The result was desperation, wanting to control, frustration, anger, and eventually...
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Come In from The Winter.

Mar 08, 2021

How much of our time do we waste trying to cover who we are when all we really want is to be loved? How much energy do we spend being angry, when underneath it all is the pain that our soul needs revealing? How much of our presence is consumed when we hide in fear of not having the faith to heal?

So often we hesitate to speak our mind, being direct, and allow our truth to flow. We’ve been so used to adding layers of comfort and protection that we often forget how to feel the world around us. So we contract. A thin layer becomes a full armor and we begin to feel lonely, overcompensate, disconnect, disassociate, and the best parts of us, dissolve, and over time diminishes our sense of joy and peace.

It can often feel like when we put a pair of gloves on a cold winter day. We touch things within our grasp, but we forget how they really feel. Almost holding too tightly as our “sense of feeling” has faded, like the warmth of our soul. Like a cold winter night, the...

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The oscillation between progress & resistance

Jan 21, 2021

The oscillation between progress & resistance is a natural part of our growth journey.

Moving towards the light of our awareness calls out those demons inside us that get in our way of progress.

Our wounded ego, our wounded inner child, our psyche does not want to give up the stories we've created in our minds.

This journey often triggers deep resistance within us.

This oscillation to resistance serves an important role, however. It reminds us of our human-ness; it tests our commitment; it highlights where we want to self-sabotage.

Our responsibility is to turn that awareness into insight and stand up to those forces inside us that want to give up and remain in our dysfunctional patterns because it's so much easier than doing the work of adulting.

This is what resistance looks like: FEAR, SHAME, GUILT, AGGRESSION, JUDGEMENT and many more that serve only one purpose: to protect that part of us, the ego that wants to resist transformation, growth, and eventually our divine...

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