2 years ago the universe was listening.

May 06, 2022

Defying all the odds in a small town in Costa Rica, in the mists of a "pendemic", I was guided to this beautiful soul.

When I took my personal relationship with myself to the next level, is when the universe responded.

When I became fully emotionally available, it sent me a soul that was equally in alignment.

When I became the partner I wanted, this goddess of pure love was gifted to me.

After spending many many difficult months healing, growing, and becoming better at relationships, embracing self-love, the universe gave me the opportunity to give birth to a sacred union.

A union built on agreements, trust, absolute truth, and authenticity.

Speaking truths, setting boundaries, and having difficult conversations may not sound sexy, but it's from those foundational pieces that allow us to be our authentic selves and allow the relationship to guide us to our highest expression of love.

Authentically and powerfully in Love.

Thank you, my love, for two amazing years of adventure, love,...

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