LIVE: Q&A - Questions Answered!

Sep 29, 2021

LIVE: Questions Answered

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1. What steps do I take to get to the place where you are comfortable about letting go you will lose them forever?
2. How do you get unstuck from this sadness after 4 months of progress that seems like it is not enough.
3. I have realized I have a huge problem giving. How do I know where my boundaries are?
4. How do I stop all communication? I am afraid of losing his friendship. Every time we speak I feel like I taking a step backward.
5. My ex and I were together for three years but wanted two different relationships - him open and me monogamous. We both tried to become different from the other but could not. It created a lot of unsafely. It was so painful and we ultimately broke up because he wants love that allows for casual sexual encounters or other ‘love’. I hate it. I'm so judgemental that he would choose this over us. it feels so cheap and unsafe to me. Now I'm afraid. I'm afraid everyone...

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