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The UN-Relationship Blueprint

A 5 part course to help you stop attracting the same type of partner over and over and manifest the loving relationship of your dreams.

This powerful 5-part journey will have you:

> See the RED FLAGS early and avoid months and years of heartache.

> De-code, the unconscious programs around love, break free from attracting the same type of partner and relationship repeatedly.
> Empower your choices around love so you can finally claim what you want unapologetically.
> Unlock your capacity to manifest the love, fulfillment, and intimacy you desire.

By rewriting your love and relationship blueprint you will be able to gain confidence and trust in yourself to raise your standard in relationships and finally call in the partner you deserve.

The 5 Elements of The Un-Relationship Blueprint™ 


✅ Part 1: Decoding Your Love Programs
We are leaving the guilt and shame for the past choices behind by uncovering the patterns and behaviors that kept us manifesting the same type of partner and relationship and understanding their subconscious origins.

✅ Part 2: Re-Coding Your Experience
You will learn how to become the conscious creator of your life with true intentionality. Making the past a source of wisdom to access higher possibilities in love and relationship.

✅ Part 3: Embodying What You Want
You will learn the formula to access a higher and more empowered version of yourself to start magnetizing a higher caliber experience around dating, relationships, and love.

✅ Part 4: Owning What You Want Unapologetically
We are stepping into a higher level of confidence. It’s all about owning what you want and developing the skills of filtering people out that are not in alignment with your relationship goals.

✅ Part 5: Reclaiming Your Wholeness
Access your heart’s wisdom to be able to envision a better present and future for you. It is time to commit to uphold higher standards from an authentic place and mark the beginning of a whole new life. The power is within you!

I know you didn't come here to settle in any area of your life and you want to start manifesting a love life with empowerment and confidence.